#05 – Beyond The Asana – 4 Paths Of Yoga


Let’s talk yoga beyond the asana. Yoga of service? Yoga of devotion? Yoga of self-inquiry? Like all the yoga styles weren’t enough to remember! Don’t worry, at the end they are all designed in the way that you can take these powerful practices off the mat! 🙂

Panta rhei… Life is a constant change. Yoga path might especially accelerate the transformation process in your life and if you decide to dive in, you are surely going to reap the benefits like better self-understanding and improved overall resilience to deal with whatever life throws at you. Yet my teacher also likes to say “yoga path is not paved with roses”, because it makes us face the more challenging parts of ourselves that we would normally avoid.

Let’s explore the four paths of yoga that helps us guide us through the process!

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