#11 – Pitta – Fierce & Fiery – #TridoshaSeries


Next dosha, please! Pitta – the governor of heat and transformation. As the only dosha, Pitta has a fire element in it, making it the most fierce and fiery one. Pittas are exceptional hard-workers and go-getters. The flame of passion and intelligence burns high for them.

Every week I am picking up a song that I think pictures the character of each dosha best. For Pitta, I took a song called “Fire” by Kasabian. Not so much for the lyrics, but because of its general tonality. It starts slowly, yet the refrain is literally FIRE. Energetic, rhythmic, passionate. Just like Pitta in a way – it can be inconspicuous or explode in the least expected moment.

Listen up and feel it yourself! 🔥

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