#15 – #DETOX – Yogi Reset: 10 Days To Improve Digestion & Cleanse Your Mind


April is the month of cleansing! This year especially, not only for me, but for all us – the mother Earth is grounding us (literally!)

Today, I am going to continue a detox series with you, talking about cleansing – from both Yogic and Ayurvedic perspective: Why to do it? How to do it? What benefits can we expect?

I’ve just finished my Yogi Reset few days ago and definitely feel the perks of giving myself time and space to cleanse. Also, I truly believe in health-preventative powers that this kind of a cleanse brings us in the long run.

*Update 2021: My free Yogi Reset e-book is not available anymore. However, I offer it as a fertility plan in my book “Hormone Harmony” now.

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