#16 – #DETOX – My Experience With Yogi Reset


Detox in Ayurvedic sense means simplifying our diet and shifting to fresh, regional produce. But it also means something more than just a diet improvement. Most importantly, I really encourage you to also detox from your devices and work (if possible) and really taking time for the things that you truly enjoy – cultivating Ayurvedic micro habits and practicing mindfulness and even if not, then attempting to practice it… πŸ˜‰

*Update 2021: My free Yogi Reset e-book is not available anymore. However, I offer it as a fertility plan in my book “Hormone Harmony” now.

Today, I want to tell you what kind of challenges I faced throughout this cleanse:

  • Surrounding and danger to slipping back into the old habits.
  • Support & community.
  • Cooking food freshly in the right amounts.
  • Getting bored with food variety or rather the lack of it.

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