#21 – Distraction = Destruction? – On Pratyahara & Mindfulness


The ability to concentrate well is crucial and can be challenging at times, as well!

Unfortunately, the modern style of living train our brain to be scattered, much rather than to be fully present and focused. Distracted mind behaves like a drunk monkey – it jumps from one thought to the other and consequently, it is bound to under-perform.

Distraction equals destruction, because it leads to imbalance in the long run and is the biggest contributing factor to the disease!

This is why the yogic practices of Pratyahara comes in handy, whenever we want to prevent ourselves from over-stimulation and boost our efficiency by reducing the hyperactivity and nervousness of the mind.  In this episode, we are learning about yogic withdrawal of the senses and mindfulness. Tune in! 🙂

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