#23 – Eclipse Season 2020 – What To Expect?


Summer solstice equals the middle of eclipse season this year. It’s been intense last months and we’re in the process of a massive global change:

  • 5th of June, 2020 – lunar eclipse in Jyestha (Scorpio)
  • 21st of June, 2020 – solar eclipse in Mrigrashira (Gemini)
  • 5th of July, 2020 – lunar eclipse in PurvaAshada (Saggitarius)

Equally, they may bring break-through and changes on the personal level… How do you feel? In Vedic Astrology eclipses are connected to Rahu and Ketu – the intersection points of Earths orbit around Sun’s and Moon’s orbit around Earth 🌎

In this episode, I am talking about the meaning & significance of eclipses in Vedic astrology and what to expect around this time. Tune in to find out! πŸ˜‰

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