#24 – Get Your Period Back – Ayurvedic Approach To Secondary Amenorrhea


Amenorrhea is a Western medicine term to describe absent menstrual periods. Secondary amenorrhea may happen due to multiple reasons, both normal (pregnancy, lactation, menopause) and abnormal (hormonal imbalances, genetic disorders).

In Ayurveda, this abnormality can be traced back to the Vata imbalance. (Surprise, surprise!) As Vata governs timing of ovulation and menstruation.

In this episode, I share with you my own #AmenorrheaStory – when I missed my periods for over half a year and how I was able to get it back… Mostly – by eating more! Putting on weight definitely greatly contributed to grounding Vata and restoring the flow. However, balancing your hormones is a long-term task and may require more than that. Tune-in to episode #24 to find out more! 😉

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