#25 – Suppressed Emotions & Their Impact On Fertility


In this episode, I tackle a fascinating topic of emotional anatomy. We’ll find out how suppressed emotions disrupt “Prana” – a yogic concept of life-force giving energy. Ayurveda teaches that anything that’s physical is manifestation of the energetics. Therefore, the suppression on the emotional-mental level will lead to suppressed bodily function like digestion, fertility and alike. The good news is that regular yoga practice, and any kind of body work like massage, marma therapy or acupuncture helps to unlock and open the blockages in the energy channels. Tune in to find out more.

Quote from this episode:

“Healing was never meant to be easy. You will be tested and tried. You will meet chaos, resistance and confusion. And then… it hits. The brave and courageous heavy lifting leads you to surrender, clarity and peace. Your path opens, and your Homecoming becomes yours to claim.”

Vienne Pharaon

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