#27 – What The Heck Is Spiritual Health & Healing?


Western civilisation is founded on the belief system that spirit and matter are very much separate and distinct. On the one side there is science that examines world rationally, on the other side there is a somehow vague and nebulous issue of spirit, that cannot be approached with logical mind.

The holistic viewpoint of Ayurveda acknowledges that there is something more to matter, something that is missing in the current state of our scientific explorations. After all, it all comes down to the โ€œWHY?โ€ So letโ€™s find out โ€œWhat the heck is spiritual health and healing?โ€ in this episode.

It is a heroic challenge, indeed, to identify our programs and rewrite them all, while continue to live our lives. Yet, this is the task of healing.

Anodea Judith

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