#35 – Digging To The Root Cause(s) Of The Disease With Ayurveda


Three root causes of the disease nobody talks about… Well, #Ayurveda does! 😀 In the episode 35, we’re talking about #Nidana – first clinical barometer of Ayurveda that involves exploring possible causes of the disease. Even though Ayurvedic sutras list over 30 of them, we are going to focus on 3 most important ones that are only rarely discussed in the world of western medicine:

  1. Prajnaparadha or ignorance, meaning cultivating harmful habits or behaviors, even when we know they are not serving us. Every time we do it, we are going against our body’s innate, natural instincts and disturb its cellular intelligence.
  2. Asatmya Indriya Artha Samyoga – misuse of the sense, either under-use, excessive use or wrong use.
  3. Parinama Hetu, which relates to time related causes, for example: not living according to “Ayurvedic clock” or in other words – not living according to nature.

Tune in to find out more! 🙂

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