#01 – Food Is Not A Problem


You are what you eat, but also HOW you are eating it. The way we prepare and consume our food it is one of the most forgotten pieces in the dieting puzzle. Stressed and overloaded with all the information from the Internet on what should we eat, we often forget about the importance of sharing, cherishing and gratitude around our mealtimes. Something to strive for and create on a day-to-day basis. Even if it sounds ridiculously simple and obvious, ask yourself: 

  • How am I eating my food? 
  • What are my feelings while preparing it? 

Is it a mindful, joyful moment of the day? Or rather a rushy by-product of doing multiple things at time that you can distract yourself with? If you ever went on a diet without considering these mental factors, this is certainly something big to reflect on! 😉

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