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There is truly nothing that excites me more than making fertility tracking easier and more accurate! 😂 It’s been 2 years since I started testing both BBT thermometer & the smart ring (Oura) for fertility trackingSee more
Three root causes of the disease nobody talks about… Well, #Ayurveda does! 😂 In the episode 35, we’re talking about #Nidana – first clinical barometer of Ayurveda that involves exploring possible causes of the disease.See more
The entire birth chart, including all the planets, has ramifications on our psychology and reflects how we feel about our life experience. Each position in the birth chart not only affects us outwardly, but alsoSee more
Does existential anxiety spike up in your meditation and makes you jump off your mat? Most people can’t stand themselves, so they can never be alone, doing nothing, being in silence. They need to constantlySee more
Preparing for pregnancy is the time to celebrate your body and to take care of it – ideally – with much more love and attention than you would have given yourself before that. Building OjasSee more
💤 You’ve probably heard that as your sleep your body undergoes different phases of recharging and regenerating. According to Yoga & Ayurveda, sleep is the state of Tamas (darkness, inertia). Every night, we are spendingSee more
What can we learn about food & diet from Ayurveda? – Not to stress so much about food! 😉 As Ayurvedic nutrition is not as much about restrictions as it is about intuitive and mindfulSee more
Minimalism can stretch way beyond reducing your material possessions. It is a great guide on a healing journey and helps you practice one of the most important Yamas (teachings of Yoga) – non-attachment. In thisSee more
Seed cycling is a practice known in alternative medicine that can help you balance your hormones. Flax and pumpkin seeds promote ovulation in the first and second phase of your cycle and sesame & sunflowerSee more
Western civilisation is founded on the belief system that spirit and matter are very much separate and distinct. On the one side there is science that examines world rationally, on the other side there isSee more
#MondayYogaMotivation on the way! Today I’m presenting you with not-so obvious and not-so well known benefits of yoga, that regular practice will bring to you. Hopefully, this will motivate you to keep coming back toSee more
In this episode, I tackle a fascinating topic of emotional anatomy. We’ll find out how suppressed emotions disrupt “Prana” – a yogic concept of life-force giving energy. Ayurveda teaches that anything that’s physical is manifestationSee more
Amenorrhea is a Western medicine term to describe absent menstrual periods. Secondary amenorrhea may happen due to multiple reasons, both normal (pregnancy, lactation, menopause) and abnormal (hormonal imbalances, genetic disorders). In Ayurveda, this abnormality canSee more
Summer solstice equals the middle of eclipse season this year. It’s been intense last months and we’re in the process of a massive global change: 5th of June, 2020 – lunar eclipse in Jyestha (Scorpio)21stSee more
We should choose a contraceptive method as carefully as we would choose our life partner. Even though, most of us intuitively know that hormonal birth control is neither healthy nor sustainable solution, still 91% ofSee more
The ability to concentrate well is crucial and can be challenging at times, as well! Unfortunately, the modern style of living train our brain to be scattered, much rather than to be fully present andSee more
Samkhya is an Indian philosophy that outlines the origins of the Universe, creating a basis for Yoga and Ayurveda. Learning about it, deepens my understanding of their practices and makes me humble every time, askingSee more
Do you wonder, how to utilize the knowledge about Doshas (Ayurvedic mind-body types), while choosing the right yoga style or pranayama practice for your daily routine? Today, I am giving you some cues, how canSee more
Today, we are talking about how working with night lightning can help you balance your hormones and what moon light and Dinacharya (Ayurvedic concept of daily routines) has to do with it! 🙂 Podcast links:See more
If you have ever been into any kind of spiritual practices you’ve certainly heard this statement more than once and this statement is You are so much more than just your physical body. Well, theSee more
Detox in Ayurvedic sense means simplifying our diet and shifting to fresh, regional produce. But it also means something more than just a diet improvement. Most importantly, I really encourage you to also detox fromSee more
April is the month of cleansing! This year especially, not only for me, but for all us – the mother Earth is grounding us (literally!) Today, I am going to continue a detox series withSee more
I am jumping in today with a very first #newmoonforecast in this podcast. We are going to discuss what this new moon is about according to the Vedic Astrology and do a breathing practice atSee more
Our body is naturally detoxing every day and Ayurveda teaches us, how to support it in this process. This is where daily practices come into play! For cleansing up prana on the mental side, weSee more
Closing the #TridoshaSeries by featuring Kapha – our support system! Because it consists out of water and earth, it is the most solid and dense of all doshas. It governs growth processes in the bodySee more
Next dosha, please! Pitta – the governor of heat and transformation. As the only dosha, Pitta has a fire element in it, making it the most fierce and fiery one. Pittas are exceptional hard-workers andSee more
This episode opens the little #TridoshaSeries to bring understanding of Ayurvedic doshas closer to you. Today, we are learning about Vata, the wind-like queen of movement & the most subtle of all doshas. Vata movesSee more
In this episode I share with you the Ayurvedic and astrological perspective on CoronaVirus and the quick easy way to boost your immune system. Looking at the starts, the things should ease out by theSee more
Individuality is a hallmark of Ayurveda. Think of doshas as set of primary colors that nature picks up and combines in countless ways. Vata is its manager of movement, Pitta is managing the transformation andSee more
If we zoom out and look at Samkhya philosophy, something that is out there before creation of elements or doshas has even started – the vibration of Gunas – fundamental qualities of nature: ✨ SattvaSee more
The Five Elements Theory lays at the very essence of Ayurvedic teachings . We are ruled and made of everything that nature consists of: ETHER, AIR, FIRE, WATER & EARTH. In this episode we’ll getSee more
Let’s talk yoga beyond the asana. Yoga of service? Yoga of devotion? Yoga of self-inquiry? Like all the yoga styles weren’t enough to remember! Don’t worry, at the end they are all designed in theSee more
3xD – Digestion – Detox – Daily Rhythm – Ayurveda nailed it thousands years ago! Today I am bringing you three popular concepts that are both prevalent in modern research and the ancient Indian scriptures.See more
In Ayurveda a healthy microbiome and a robust digestion is a cornerstone of your health as well as of our physical and mental well-being. Modern science is fully backing this up by describing the connectionSee more
Episode 02
Ayurvedic medicine is not a linear system, where there is a clear cause – effect – solution for every problem. It treats the body as a complex, multi-dimensional mechanism in which we are the reflectionSee more
You are what you eat, but also HOW you are eating it. The way we prepare and consume our food it is one of the most forgotten pieces in the dieting puzzle. Stressed and overloadedSee more
It should be our primary responsibility as human beings to feel good on all layers of our existence, let it be on a physical, mental or spiritual level. Believe me or not — this isSee more

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